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Prioritizing Exercise

Prioritizing Exercise

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Believe it or not as of late I am finding it very hard to fit in the amount of working out I would like to be doing. My days are very long and the limited time I have free between clients is taken with paperwork and countless other things that keep my business ticking over. For a little while I almost stopped doing anything, this of course very quickly drove me insane. As hard as I tried I could not seem to fit enough exercise into my week and there was an on going inner battle between working on progressing my business or what it seemed like doing the luxury of exercise. A long time client of mine, who I trained throughout the summer In the early mornings at a local park was unable to make the transition over to training to my new facility as the journey to and from in the mornings would not allow her time to get to work. We tried to work out a solution but sadly there was not another gym space that I could use and given the fact I have my own gym it did not seem to make much sense. It was at this point that a light bulb went on in my head, I decided I would propose that she would join a gym with me on our side of the bridge and we would be training partners and that we would train early in the morning before either of us had to go off to work. This solution is now working perfectly, I get the seperation between work and exercise and I also am now held accountable, as I am to meet her every morning, this is great for me and works very well for her. I guess my point today is that there is always a way to fit a healthy lifestyle into your day, even for me, a personal trainer, it sometimes seems like a daunting task. But now I am back to training everyday, I might have to get up that little bit earlier but when its done and I am off to work I can focus completely on what the day has in store for me. So thank you to my new training partner.


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