Preventing muscle loss with age

Preventing muscle loss with age

As we get older, not only do our bodies build muscle less efficiently, but the muscle we already have breaks down more quickly, according to a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This makes regular exercise an integral part of healthy aging. Exercise not only helps us maintain our muscle mass, it can increase it . This ultimately keeps our metabolism high, gives us strength and endurance to complete tasks of everyday life, and helps prevent falls, which can be a life-changing experience for older adults.Preventing muscle loss with age is simple , all you need is a regular functional strength training programme and a clean diet . At Leigh Carter Personal Training Kelowna we focus on progressive functional strength training helping people strengthen there bodies for life. Regular physical activity is not only fun and healthy, but scientific evidence strongly shows that it’s safe for almost everyone. And the health benefits far outweigh the risk of injury and sudden heart attacks, two concerns that prevent many people from adding more physical activity to their lives.

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So below are all the machines I would like you to use for your next workout, the sets and reps are all to failure so if it says 4 sets at 20 reps make sure you use a weight that stops you at 20. I will change things around for you every day. The below workout needs a warm up on a elliptical machine. There is no cardio in the below workout that will be in your next one.


Todays workout 05/11/2015

Day off the rower today


  • Start with a nice warm-up on the bike burning about 200 calories

  • Move over to the floor and superset (1 exercise straight after the other) abdominal crunches, plank, and lying down leg raises. Perform a total of 8 sets of all movements with 1 minute rest between the grouping.

  • So yesterday you did the machine for your quads with a drop set, today you are going to do the same with the opposite machine, if you look a few machines down from the leg raise one you will se a similar seated machine, this time you will sit in it and your legs will be out in front of you, you will curl them down to the bottom so that they finish at a right angle. Set the machine up for a weigh that stops you at 15 reps, once you have failed drop the weight a little and fail again, continue to perform this drop in weight until your left with nothing. Rest for a few minutes and perform it all again. Do this 4 times.

  • Now dependent on your shoulder pain I would like you to go over to the dumbbells and select the lightest one, stand up nice and straight with your belly in and your chest high. Raise the dumbbells out to the side and then up in front of you, slowly increase the weight working on a rep range of 15-20 (15 out to the side and 15 up in front) only increase the weight if you are comfortable with no pain. Perform 6 sets.

  • Now grab that bench to your right and set the back rest to an incline of about 45 degrees (about halfway between flat and upright, then grab those light dumbbells and lie on the bench face down, you will then perform reverse flys  click this link if you don’t understand, perform 6 sets.

  • Finally go back onto the bike and kill 350 calories in less than 25 minutes.

  • Done



Todays Workout 5/11/2015

  • Warm up on the bike

  • Set the rower up for a 20 second work & 40 second rest interval

  • Do 30 sets

  • Now loop the below exercises until your hour is up

  • 10 Burpees

  • 10 Crunches

  • 10 Push-Ups (from the knee’s)

  • 10 Squats to a low ball

  • 1 Minute plank

  • 10 Hip raises on each leg CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Bike Sprints


  • Jump on the bike and warm-up 4 minutes slow pace

  • Now over the next few minutes slowly increase the level of the bike until you reach the maximum level you can stand, this level should realistically only be managable for about 20-60 seconds before you can’t pedal anymore.

  • Now drop it back to a pace where you can cycle that feels like a medium hill.

  • Start to cycle at the lower pace as fast as you can for 2 minute, then crank it up for 1 minutes at that higher level.

  • Continue with this until you have about 20 minutes left of your hour session.

  • Now jump over to the weights section and set both those cables up at the highest part of the machine and place the handles onto it and do at least 6 sets of cable flys.

  • Click here for a video

  • Your sets should be of about 15 reps and should not to heavy, focus on squeezing the pecs together and engaging the muscle.



Todays Workout


Fuck You Burpees


I wanna keep today simple but horrible so I have decided to include everyones favourite burpees


So here is your workout


Make sure you are warmed up and stretched properly


  •  Row an exact 1:45 500 meters

  • Do 50 Burpees

  • Row an exact 1:45 500 meters

  • Do 50 Burpees

  • Row an exact 1:45 500 meters

  • Do 50 Burpees

  • Row an exact 1:45 500 meters

  • Do 50 Burpees

So there is a little twist to this, If you row your 500 meters and it is not exacty 1:45, lets say you rowed 1:47, that is a 2 second difference to what I wanted and you will therefore add some more burpees into your next set. If the difference is 2 seconds (up or down) you will do 20 more burpees and if it is 4 seconds you will do 40 more burpees and so on.

When you are finished use the bike to cool down


Todays Workout


Attacking it from a different angle


So its been a whole lotta rowing lately so its time to attack your body from a different angle

  • Jump on a treadmill and crank the incline up the whole way, so its like walking up a very steep hill.

  • Slowly increase the speed until you are at a very brisk walk, almost a jog.

  • Serve 30 minutes of time on this machine

  • Now go to that room where those cables were hanging from the wall.

  • You are going to do 3 exercises 100 reps of each looped 3 times

  • Reverse lunges CLICK THIS LINK FOR VIDEO 

  • So thats 100 each leg for the above lunges


  • So thats 100 for each leg of the above

  • Angled pull-ups CLICK THE LINK FOR VIDEO

  • Once you have completed all three movements 100 times each 3 times over you can have 1 beer and a small midget for desert.


Todays Workout


Your damned if you do

So todays workout is something that I have been doing in my gym with a few people today, You are free to change any of the exercises if they are are causing your back or your shoulders pain.

  • Jump on the rower and warm up

  • Set the rower at level 10 (on the fan setting)

  • Programme it to measure 300meters single distance

  • Row 300 meters fast as you can

  • Lets say your time was 55 seconds

  • You will now do a set of push-ups for 55 seconds

  • Then get back on the rower and row another 300 meters as fast as you can

  • Lets say your time was 56 seconds

  • You will now do squats for 56 seconds

  • Keep repeating this process with different exercises (I will put an example list at the bottom of this page)

  • Once you have done this for 6 sets I would like you to put the fan setting down to number 1

  • You will now repeat everything you did for those first 6 sets trying to keep your 300 meter row time very similar to whet it was on the number 10 setting on the fan.

Here is an example of what it might look like

  • Row 300 meters level 10 fan

  • Do squats for the above row time

  • Row 300 meters level 10 fan

  • Do push-ups for the above time

  • Row 300 meters level 10 fan

  • Do a plank for the above time

  • Row 300 meters level 10 fan

  • Do Lat pull downs for the above time

  • Row 300 meters level 10 fan

  • Do shoulder presses for the above time

  • Row 300 meters level 10 fan

  • Do burpees for the above time

Then repeat everything again with the fan setting at number 1 making sure you aim to keep your 300 meter row similar to the above times

Here is a list of suggested exercises to fill in the gaps

  • Squats

  • Burpees

  • Lat pull down

  • Push-ups

  • Plank

  • Jump Squats

  • Cable assisted reverse lunges

  • Dips

  • Hips raised off the floor whilst lying down

  • Ab Crunches

  • Leg Raises

  • Tricep Pulldowns

  • Cable Chest Flys

When your finished Row a 2000 meter and not down the time for me



Todays Workout



Todays workout is a simple list of jobs, when each job is done you will text me the relative score/time. Being that you have probably drunk your own weight in fancy girly cocktails, this will be a long workout so be ready.

  • 20 minutes of push-ups (from the knee) = How many did you do ?

  • 2000 meters rowing = How ling did it take ?

  • 100 squats = How long did it take ?

  • 20 minutes of burpees = How any did you do ?

  • 4 separate planks with only 1 minute gap = How long was each plank ?

  • 200 calories on the bike = How long did it take ?

  • Step-ups onto the bench or knee high box for 10 minutes = How many steps in total ?



 Todays Workout



Today we are going to work on isolation, using some of those machines around your gym to target specific muscle groups and give the ones that are aching a little rest.

Below is a list of the machines that i would like you to work on.


  • Seated bench press machine

  • Seated leg raise (Sat down with you knee at a right angle lifting your legs up straight)

  • Seated Leg curl ( this is the one that is the opposite to the above)

  • Cable machine tricep pulldown

  • Seated Row (this machine looks a little like a rower in its positioning, you are sat dow with your legs out front and you pull the weight towards you like the rower)

  • Seated leg press (like a seated squat)

So first things first warm up the body on a cross trainer for 20 minutes and then stretch out your legs, then i would like you to work through the list above using the rep and set range below.


  • 2 sets on a light weight taking your time with the reps and connecting mentally with the muscle group you are using.

  • Then put the weight up so that 15 reps is possible but starting to be challenging and do 2 more sets.

  • Then put the weight up again so that 12 reps is the absolute maximum that you could manage, if you only manage 8 then thats ok but never exceed 12.

  • Do 3 sets at that weight and then move on to the next machine.

Now cool down for 10 minutes on the cross trainer



Todays Workout


Fuck The Rower


Thought id put a new rowing challenge up today, document your scores/times.


  • Warm up for 4 minutes at a slow pace, stretch and mobilize your joints

  • Set the rower up for timed intervals of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest

  • Do 8 intervals (4 minutes total)

  • Record your total distance travelled

  • Recover for as long as it takes

  • Set the rower up for a 5000 meter distance

  • Try and keep your time within 20 minutes

  • Recover for as long as you need

  • Set the rower up for 500 meters

  • Record your time

  • Cool down on a bike for 20 mins

  • End


Todays Workout


Missing The AirDyne

Well that new gym does not seem to have much space or a rower and if your shoulder is paying you up i feel its time for some long distance sweating to be done.

So you have 3 tasks and the total workout should be no more than 1 hour 15 minutes.

First things first warm up, mobilize and stretch.

then complete the following list.

  • 400 Calories on the bike

  • 400 Calories on the cross trainer

  • 100 crunches on the decline bench (this is a bench with a foothold at the top and you are angled downwards with your feet up)

I have some new rowing stuff that i have been doing myself so when you next gym has got a rower you can try to beat me, see below !!!

Todays Workout



So lets take advantage of that beach and ocean, follow the list below.

  • Swim for at least 15 minutes

  • Get onto the beach and do 20 burpees

  • Jog in the sand for 2 minutes at a medium to fast pace

  • 20 more burpees

  • Jog again for 2 minutes

  • 20 more burpees

  • Now pick up the pace and almost get up to a sprint for one minute

  • 20 burpees

  • Sprint 1 minute

  • Plank counting up to 150 in your head

  • Swim again for 10 minutes

  • Get back on the beach and do 100 mountain climbers CLICK THE LINK FOR VIDEO

  • Jog for 4 minutes

  • 100 more mountain climbers

  • Swim for 10 minutes to cool down

  • Drink cocktails

Obviously dont wear shoes this will encorouge you to run on your toes and protect your knees.




Stuff and Things

So lets start todays session with a 5000 meter row, keep this inside 20 minutes if you can ?

Then take a walk over to these machines



  • Set up the one on the right hand side so that the pad sits just below you hips, this should allow you to hinge nicely from the hips.

  • Keeping a neutral spine (Straight) do 25 repetitions from bottom to top.


  • Now switch over to the incline abdominal machine next to it and perform 25 reps


  • Now using the sit up machine switch your body around so that your head is up at the top and your arms are behind you holding onto the supports you will now do 25 leg raises


  • Perform 5 sets of each

Now walk over these 3 machines you can click on the gallery it will show you the names



Cool down on a bike and immediately have cocktails





Are Your Balls Big Enough 

Todays workout is more than simple, you can do it whatever way round you like. Your objective is to get two personal bests for the rowing machine. This in my experience takes a lot of pre psyching up, think about it for a few hours before you go down to the gym and when you get there you must focus totally on the goal. I would like you to try to beat your 500 meter and your 2000 meter scores.

Her is how I would structure it if it was my workout.

  • Warm up on a cross trainer at a low to medium pace for about 20 minutes.

  • Get set up on the rower for 2000 and don’t cool down to much

  • Go for it and respect that it fucking hurts and when you are half way through be happy that you feel that you want to give up as that means you are winning.

  • Once you have done this, actively recover on the cross trainer on a very low level, maybe for about 10-15 minutes.

  • I would then go and stretch for a while

  • Then jump back on the rowing machine and just very slowly row for 4 minutes, like really slow so that you do not get out of breath.

  • Now regain focus and get your new personal best on the 500 meter

  • Don’t be a pussy

  • If you beat these scores your day will be awesome, my most recent ones are below.




So today will be the start of working on getting your times on the rower not just good but extraordinary. People that train properly and understand the rowing machine and airdyne will respect you on a huge level if your pumping some amazing times on these, you cant cheat these machines and it will therefore help promote your positive mindset and your isogenix assistance.


So lets start with this


  • Warm up for 10 minutes on the airdyne

  • Jump on the rower and programme it for intervals of 250 meters with 1 minute rest

  • Your should aim for your time for this to be 45 seconds or less

  • Do 10 sets

  • Then Jump on the airdyne

  • You will now perform 20 second sprints with a 40 second rest

  • Try your best to get about 8 calories for every 20 second

  • Do as many sets as you can

  • Cool down and stretch



Todays Workout


Beat the clock or the clock beats you 

So today is a really fun time based exercise, for every time you fail you get to pick from the list of punishments. So below will be 2 lists, the first being your jobs to complete and the below you punishment list. The rules are that you must complete all the first list with no more than a 2 minute gap between the individual tasks, if you fail on one you have to choose from the punishment list and complete the task in the given time, if you fail the punishment you must then pick another and complete that, if you fail again keep choosing until you do not, you will then go back to the first list and continue to complete them all.



  • 2000 Meter row in exactly 8 minutes (give or take 2 seconds either way)

  • A plank, whilst holding this plank you must count out loud to 240 and then back down to 1

  • A 500 meter row broken up into 100 meter sections, each section must be rowed as fast as possible and then you will need to reset the machine and start again immediately, your overall time for the 5 sets must be less than 1:30

  • 6 push ups – 6 step ups – 6 pull ups for 10 sets in less than 4 minutes

  • 50 calories on the air dyne in 1:45

  • 30 calories on the air dyne in 1 minute

  • 20 calories on the air dyne in 30 seconds


  • 500 meter in less than 1:40

  • 45 squats in less than 1 minute

  • Airdyne 30 calories less than 1 minute

  • 20 burpees in less than 1 minute



Calories & Abs



Considering you probably had a few drinks last night today is a calorie burn and a abdominal blast, I am looking forward to getting back to Kelowna to start our weight loss challenge as I am feeling the christmas fat piling on my body.


  • 5000 Meters row as fast as possible (record time and post on your board)

  • 30 minutes Airdyne (with as many 25 calorie minutes as you can)

  • The below exercises are to be looped 6 times

  • Abdominal cycles 1 minute CLICK THE LINK FOR VIDEO 

  • Abdominal Crunch 1 minute

  • Leg raises 1 minute

  • Plank 1 minute

  • Abdominal scissors 1 minute CLICK THE LINK FOR VIDEO



Todays Workout

Jail Time




Todays workout is  a 20-1 Burpee ladder a common workout used in prison cells. Complete 20 burpees and walk 5 meters across a room. Then do 19 burpees and walk 5 meters back across the room. Then complete 18 burpees. Keep following this pattern until you are finished the entire 20-1 ladder. It is 210 total burpees.


Remember to use proper form for the Burpee though. Make sure your chest touches the ground and make sure you jump a minimum of 6 inches off of the ground with your hips fully extended at the top of the jump. I’d rather see you take 25 minutes and do every burpee with perfect form than cheat and finish in 15 minutes. Hold yourself accountable. Form is everything.


Your workout should be structure like this


  • 2000 meter warm up on the rower

  • Stretch and mobilize all joints thoroughly

  • Prison Burpees

  • 2000 meter cool down

  • Cake

  • Pies

  • Pizza


Todays Workout

Sunday 10th 2015


Todays you will be using the bike and the rowing machine to perform intervals, the timing and intensity levels are below. Warm up correctly and cool down afterwards.


Alternate sprints of 8-10 intensity with rest periods of 4 intensity

10 sec sprint, 50 sec rest
20 sec sprint, 40 sec rest
30 sec sprint, 30 sec rest
40 sec sprint, 20 sec rest
50 sec sprint, 10 sec rest
40 sec sprint, 20 sec rest
30 sec sprint, 30 sec rest
20 sec sprint, 40 sec rest
10 sec sprint, 50 sec rest













Senior Woman Comforting Depressed Husband Sitting On Bench

Reducing dementia risk

Reducing dementia risk with physical activity

Over the years, studies have found that staying active can boost mind function and energy, decreasing the risk of dementia. Physical activity “improves cognitive function in healthy elderly persons, and potentially reduces the risk of developing cognitive impairment,” according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Agility training that requires learning skills like memory and concentration, are especially helpful for individuals with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Having a personal trainer help you with your physical training can be a great asset in the quest for a healthy body and a healthy mind . A regular fitness programme will keep you and your mind active for longer and can be lots of fun ! Reducing dementia risk can be easy.

Call Leigh Carter Personal Trainer Kelowna today for your free fitness consultation

Leigh Carter specializes in fitness training for seniors and adults .


Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index and how to improve it

You can get an idea of whether you are obese, overweight, or of normal weight by figuring out your body mass index (BMI). BMI is a number calculated from your weight and height. Women with a BMI of 25 to 29.9 are considered overweight. Women with a BMI of 30 or more are considered obese. All adults (aged 18 years or older) with a BMI of 25 or higher are considered at risk for serious health problems. These health risks increase as your BMI rises. Your doctor or nurse can help you figure out your BMI, or you can use this online BMI calculator  from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  •     Heart disease
  •     Stroke
  •     High blood pressure
  •     Unhealthy cholesterol levels
  •     Type 2 diabetes
  •     Metabolic syndrome
  •     Colon cancer
  •     Breast cancer
  •     Falls
  •     Depression

Regular activity can help prevent unhealthy weight gain and also help with weight loss, when combined with lower calorie intake. If you are overweight or obese, losing weight can lower your risk for many diseases. Being overweight or obese increases your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, breathing problems, osteoarthritis, gallbladder disease, sleep apnea (breathing problems while sleeping), and some cancers.

Regular physical activity can also improve your cardiorespiratory (heart, lungs, and blood vessels) and muscular fitness. For older adults, activity can improve mental function.

Physical activity may also help:

  •     Improve functional health for older adults
  •     Reduce waistline size
  •     Lower risk of hip fracture
  •     Lower risk of lung cancer
  •     Lower risk of endometrial cancer
  •     Maintain weight after weight loss
  •     Increase bone density
  •     Improve sleep quality