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Building Bones

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Exercise is vital at every age for healthy bones, it not only improves your bone health, it also increases muscle strength, coordination, and balance, and it leads to better overall health. Like muscle, bone is living tissue that reacts to increases in loads and forces put upon it by growing stronger. It does this all the time but any increase in ‘loading’ above normal levels has the best chance of increasing bone strength.

For most people, bone mass peaks during their thirties and after that time, we can begin to lose bone, so all the more reason to keep exercising. Exercising allows us to maintain muscle strength, coordination, and balance, which in turn helps to prevent falls and related fractures. This is especially important for older adults and people who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis.

By taking enough exercise you will not only feel good and reduce your risk of osteoporosis and fractures but exercise will also benefit your heart and reduce your risk of many other conditions such as cancer. Exercise helps with many types of pain and stiffness, and specific exercises can also help with the pain and problems caused by fragility fractures.

One of the challenges is knowing what exercises are the best ones for you, your personal trainer can put together a program that will suit you and also give some advice on diet with food to improve bone health in mind.

There are various types of exercise which will benefit your bones:

Weight-bearing which forces you to work against gravity including walking, hiking, jogging, climbing stairs, tennis, and dancing.

Resistance training, which can be done by machine based exercises, or by using free weights to exercise

High impact exercises, skipping, jogging, jumping and ball games such as basketball and netball

Balance training which involves doing exercises that strengthen the muscles that help keep you upright, including your legs and core. These kinds of exercises can improve stability and help prevent falls.

It is good to vary your exercises and to make them progressively harder. Also short high intensity exercises rather than long, slower, lower impact exercises are good for bone strength.

Swimming and cycling are non weight bearing exercises which do help build and maintain strong muscles and have excellent cardiovascular benefits but they are not the best way to exercise your bones.

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