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Healthy New Year

Healthy New Year

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Recent surveys have shown that fewer than half of us now make a New Year’s resolution to get healthy by following a strict diet. It seems most people now have decided that eating a more sensible diet every day and ignore those short term fad diets.

Well this certainly is the most sensible approach, those diets rarely have the desired long term results. Apparently it takes 21 days to introduce a habit, so following a diet for a very short time is never going to be a success. It is far better to make small gradual changes to your diet that you are likely to stick with.

The answer is not always totally cutting things out of your diet, but looking at what changes you could make to make everything more healthy, making the portion sizes smaller, or maybe having some things as a treat to yourself instead of an everyday option.

A positive approach to healthy eating is all about looking at simple ways to increase the nutritional potential of your everyday diet. Simply sprinkling some berries and nuts over your morning porridge can increase the vitamin and mineral content. Vitamin C from the berries, potassium, iron and magnesium just some of the minerals from some nuts.

By choosing a wide variety of foods, a rainbow of fruit and vegetables, lean meat, fish, grains and pulses, whole foods for some fibre, you will not only be giving your body the nutrition it needs but also you won’t get bored eating the same things all the time.

To sustain a healthy diet you need to bring back the joy into eating. Mealtimes should be relaxing and enjoyable. If you focus on what you are eating, savouring every mouthful and thinking about the flavours, appreciating every bite, you will feel more satisfied at the end of each meal. Rushing around grabbing a bite where you can, unconscious grazing that many of us do daily, will just add stress to our already hectic lives. Slowing down is one of the best ways you can get your mind and body to communicate what you really need for nutrition, we often eat long after we are full. By slowing down we can give our body a chance to catch up to our brain and hear the signals to eat the right amount. Also by removing distractions like mobiles and TV we can concentrate on our food.

Make sure you are really hungry and not dehydrated. Hunger is often confused the need for a drink. Try a glass of water when you feel hungry and see how you feel.

And to compliment your healthy eating regime, why not think about improving your exercise. Just like your healthy eating, getting fit is about small steps and adding a little more each week. Again small changes and realistic goals that you are going to stick to are the only way to success. Your personal trainer can tailor a fitness program that will be realistic and sustainable, leading to a fitter you for 2018.


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