Preventing old age

Turn back the clock 

Preventing old age

We are living longer and so our bodies need to be priorities, along side with how successful we want to be and how financially comfortable we set our goals for having lots of money and having a restricted painful body just do not go well together.

There is NO drug that can do for you what eating well and moving your body can .Preventing old age is or should i say the symptoms of is entirely possible with a good strength and conditioning routine and correct diet.

A host of studies have linked exercise programs with improved health measures related to blood pressure,lipid levels – including cholesterol and triglycerides – cardiovascular events , cognition , phisical performance premature death and quality of life .

People say that old age starts when you let it . And when it comes to the human body this sentence rings very true . The body will adapt to any stimulus that it is given .For example 
Person 1 Farm worker of 30 years retires aged 60 and looks forward to a well deserved rest . Within a few years of ceasing the hard work he puts on a considerable amount of weight and  his strength and condition declines at an alarming rate.
Person 2 Professional lady retires from a marketing company at age 65 . she spent 30 years walking the 2 miles to and from work sometimes carrying her shopping and then climbed the 4 flights of stairs to her apartment . upon retiring she continues to walk the same distance to the shops everyday and stays living in her apartment her strength and general ability make a slow decline over the next years however she remains able to do the things that she has always done. You can see here that person no1 body has adapted to the new stimulus or lack of it ! and person no 2 has continues to relay to her body that it needs to do the job that it has been given . With age the decline of strength , health and functionality comes far quicker if the body is not given the correct nutrition and fitness regime . There is no reason why you cant continue to use your bodies as you have always done


Built stronger to last longer ! Strength training for seniors

Strength training for seniors

It is never too late to start hitting the weights and this goes for women too as they have a higher instance of osteoporosis. Lifting weights at the gym or working out with kettlebells or dumbbells at home is a good place to start. Functional body weight movements is also a great way to workout by preforming squats, push-ups, burpees, and pull-ups. This should be regular exercise for seniors as well as their stability, bone density and energy levels are all influenced by muscle strength and mass.

Strength training for seniors increases the production of growth hormone and testosterone and lower levels of dangerous cholesterol. It also helps to prevent depression. It is not enough to get out and go for a walk however, Seniors should be exercising to a fitness level and intensity that improves their overall health. Strength training is a part of this and something as simple as lifting a 2lb dumb bell or getting up and down from a chair multiple times can begin your weight training program. With weight training as part of your overall health program it is always beneficial to consult a trained professionals before you get started.

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Weight loss in Kelowna

Weight loss in kelowna

If vanity is enough to nudge you to the gym, consider this: A lifetime of regular physical activity — even activities as simple as walking half an hour most days — can help keep that belly from bulging over your belt. In findings from the National Weight Control Registry, experts looked at the habits of 3,000 people who lost more than 10% of their body weight and managed to keep it off for at least a year. Eight out of 10 of them, it turned out, reported increasing their physical exercise regimen. The men in the group cranked up their activities — walking, cycling, weight lifting, aerobics, running, and stair climbing — enough to burn an additional 3298 calories a week.

Several recent studies have shown that men who report doing more physical activity also have slimmer waistlines. In a 2006 study at Ball State University, a group of 58 volunteers started a program of walking 10,000 steps a day. After 36 weeks, the volunteers had trimmed almost an inch from their waists and a similar amount from their hips.


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